The City of Monopoli

The name of the city derives from the greek "monos polis" which means unique and singular.
Definition that is quite valid even nowadays as Monopoli is truly unique and fascinating. Man's first appearance is to be dated back to 20.000 years at least as testified by some archeological finds.
From the seventh century first with the Lombards and then with the Byzantines Monopoli becomes a flourishing commercial port located on the Trajan way connecting Benevento to Brindisi and soon it becomes a precious and desirable city to be conquered.
It hides above cliff walls in its dense labyrinth of houses, churches, monasteries and crypts spread around the port and the beautiful baroque cathedral, guarded by the stunning seafront Castle of Charles V.
The city nowadays rises to 9 meters above the sea level, located on the Adriatic coast, 45 km south of Bari and covers an area of 156 km with approximately 50.000 inhabitants.
The coastline is approximately 14 km long, short and jagged with over 25 stunning coves and sandy public beaches.
It's neighboring cities are: Polignano a Mare , Conversano, Castellana Grotte, Alberobello and Fasano.